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A PETITION TO The City of Santa Monica, Beach Recreation Supervisor, to RELOCATE SURF SCHOOLS AND INSTRUCTION GROUPS

A PETITION TOThe City of Santa Monica, Beach Recreation Supervisor, to RELOCATE SURF SCHOOLS AND INSTRUCTION GROUPS The explosion of surf schools, surf camps, high school surf teams, middle school surf clubs and surf classes in recent years, while laudable in the presumed aim to teach people the sport and art of surfing, is unfortunately resulting in an unsustainable and hazardous strain on a limited facility, and, yes, even the majestic Pacific Ocean is limited, vis-à-vis surfing. In recent years, this absurd overcrowding of “beach breaks,” where sometimes as many as 35-50 inexperienced, untrained and, frankly, dangerous young surfers from school teams are dumped into line-ups to the danger of all, has resulted in many near misses, some injury, and many raised voices, and even fisticuffs. Sometimes the young surfers are accompanied in the water by NO instructor and are, for all intents and purposes, unsupervised. These young people pose a risk to themselves and others.Similarly, private surf instructors who are limited by regulation to two students at a time, often take as many as five or ten students into a line up, push them off into the surf, apparently relying on mere hope that they do not collide with the experienced surfers already in the line-up. On days with small surf, this is an annoyance. In larger, inherently dangerous surf conditions, even experienced surfers can be involved in accidents; the inexperienced and unsupervised are almost certain to be. These private instructors seem to have no regard for the safety of others, because when questioned the students routinely say they were given no instruction regarding the time-honored rules and etiquette of surfing. It is clear that it is only a matter of time until serious injury – or even death – results. There have already been several injuries, and altercations between improperly supervised and, frankly, ignorant, students are becoming commonplace. The possibility of criminal behavior and sanctions – not to mention civil litigation – arising out of this situation is very real. Therefore, the undersigned request that the City of Santa Monica and the Los Angeles County Lifeguards immediately relocate all surf schools and camps to a segregated and safe location, possibly north of the Santa Monica Pier. The failure to do so will almost certainly result in serious injury, along with concommitent legal action.CC Los Angeles County Lifeguards, Central Section City of Santa Monica, City Council SM Mayor Pro Tempore Terry O’Day SM Commision, Recreation and Parks

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